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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Welcome Seattle Weekly readers!

Dr. Menlo here. Since lately Pagan has been experimenting with the art blog format, I have categorized Pagan's past peep show stories for your reading pleasure . . . Enjoy!

the girls

Lolita & the Vamp
Sexy Girl
Brittney Gets Fired
I Cut Myself
The Death of Lily-white
The Recipe
Ferry to Ballgag Island
Heart of Gold
Syrenn says goodbye . . .

the customers

Diaper Boy: Topping From The Bottom
Tip Slot Jesus
Keeping up with the Joneses
Secret Shopper
The Man Who Lost His Penis
Candle Stick Jim
Japanese Panty Man
The Sidewalk Connoisseur
The Placebo Effect
The Seed
Addicted to Love
Doctors Invade Seattle
Sex in the Abattoir
Interview with the Moan
Happy Mother's Day!
Swan Lake
Some Know
Soul Man
Creep Show Stories

behind the scenes

Fantasy Girls
The Booth
Fire Starter
The Stage . . . Shakin' that Ass, Shakin' that Ass
Peep Show Music
Taxi Driver
Fantasy Boys
Mirror, Mirror
Seattle's Last Adult Theatre, the Man Who Died There, and the Ghost He Left Behind
New Drug Free Work Policy
Religion Cops: They Call Themselves Vice
Video Booths

jack and jill

The Technique
May is Masturbation Month: Part I - How it Began; Part II - Jackapalooza

girl on girl

Girl & I
The Kiss


2 Girls, 3 Guys, 1 Show - Part One
2 Girls, 3 Guys, 1 Show - Part Two: Back for More


Killer Heels
The Golden Boys of Kobe
Halcyon Daze
Plastic Shower Curtain
Handsome Men and Heinous Hose
P**p Show
The Smoker/Stripper Connection
Tie Me Up
Red Rocket, Red Rocket
Money Isn't Everything


My First Peep Show
Truth & Honesty
Radical Women
The Girls
Pink Parka
Spring Fever
Two Dollar Poem
May is Masturbation Month: Part II - Jackapalooza


Panties for Sale

the blog

First Visitor from the Blog
Reader Q&A
Letter From A Soldier


I Want My Porn


A Conversation
Morning In Repose
The Spider
President's Day


A Peep Apart
Folie Deux

just pics

Azar pic
2 pics of Azar
2 Pics of Girl
Pics of Fantasy
2 Pics of Azar
2 Pics of Isis
Pic Dezyre
Pic of Azar
2 Pics of Girl
Pic of Girl
Pic of Azar

Blogger pieceo said...
what an excellent job this archive.
its so bookmarked.
cheerz guys.
and great interview, pagan!
11:41 AM  
Blogger JT_Taint said...
Yes very nice, thanks doc.
9:35 AM  
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