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Monday, January 31, 2005

So Glad to Be Back!

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I thought I was going to have all kinds of stories to tell you about our big trip and the inauguration, but it was really quite a disappointment (given what's at stake) and since it's all in the history books now, I won't bore you with the details. I did, however, enjoy my time in DC, spending countless hours in the many museums surrounding the mall--the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden being my favorite.

I actually got dizzy when I stumbled upon two of my favorite paintings:

Diana IV by William Beckman

The Pink Tree by John Currin

Other highlights of the trip: took a quick jaunt up to New York to play in the snow for the day (found a great restaurant in East Village-- Caravan of Dreams) and met an incredible man on our flight back to Seattle who happened to be a physicist and professor. We had a lovely four-hour conversation, during which, he confirmed (with a smile) my suspicion that Eve was not born out of Adam's rib.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Welcome back! I'm glad to hear that you made it without being either gassed or tolchocked on the head by over-reactive G-men celebrating four more years of the Wehrmacht bombing brown people. My god, it makes me sick to my stomach to imagine four more years of that asshat anally raping the world in general.

Its still good to read new posts here though.
7:15 PM  
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