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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Folie Deux

The faithful, one day . . . much too far away
will awake from their slumbers
to cry out at the numbers:

What a shame, what a shame
how he led us astray
like sheep to their slaughter
--like mice to the water.

Such fools, such fools
how couldn't we see
for he held out our blood
and we drank it with glee.

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"Pagan Moss rocks. Her blog is all about compassion; it is the human drama unfolded. . . . And hot chicks in frilly knickers."
--Notes From The Emerald City

"Fascinating workplace material (NSFW, I'd say, not safe for your workplace) about working at the Fantasy Unlimited peep show in downtown Seattle."
--Anita Rowland

"This is good."
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"Pagan Moss rocks!"
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"Pagan Moss' Peep Show Stories is one of the best sex blogs online."
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"Pagan Moss, leader of the Sensual Liberation Army, dishes up an intimate look at the world of real-life sex workers in a Seattle peep show. And you don't need to put any quarters in slots to have a peep."
--Orlando Weekly, which listed PSS as the Number One "Horniest Blog"

"If you haven't already, meet Belle and Pagan Moss. They inspired me by making me wet every time I'd read their blogs. You'll love it."
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