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Saturday, November 27, 2004

NaNoWriMo: Chapter Five

Tuesday leads me down the hallway to Eva's. It's a good thing it's only a few feet away because I can hardly manage in these heels and this dress has suddenly become miserably tight. It will be a miracle if I can make it an hour without busting a link.

Tuesday knocks on the door and I notice a peculiar sign hanging above the peep hole, which reads: Peter Cat. The music is blaring through the walls and it takes several knocks before someone comes to the door and asks in a soft and sultry voice: "Who is it?"

"Two half naked women," Tuesday says, "hurry up and let us in before that pervert down the hall comes out and sees us." The woman behind the door starts giggling like a school girl. "Come on," Tuesday says, inpatiently, "I have someone with me--quit fucking around."

The giggling stops and the door opens slowly. There standing before us is Eva totally nude with a colorful embroidered silk kamono draped gracefully over her left arm. Her face is painted like a Geisha--white powdered face down to her tanned shoulders, red heart lips and long blue-black hair rolled up high and secured with several jeweled combs.

Eva and Tuesday embrace and kiss in the doorway and Eva's large soft breasts practically devour her. Tuesday introduces me and Eva presses her palms firmly together and graciously bows: "It's an honor to meet you, Martha. Welcome to my home."

Tuesday has spent the last couple of hours giving me the dirt on everyone who's coming tonight so I feel I already know Eva--how she was born in Thailand to a successful Thai businessman, dealing in fine textiles, and to an aspiring young American actress who was mysteriously kidnapped shortly after Eva's birth.

We follow Eva down a candle lit corridor and I admire the way her reflection moves across the dark glossy floor behind her. Her place looks totally different form the other apartments I've seen here-- like someone's pumped some money into it. The corridor leads to a large living room with lots of plants. The walls are tall and red with shiny black trim. The lights are dimmed and the furniture has all been pushed back to the walls so the middle area is clear except for one low wooden table with two hookas on top. Surrounding the table are several brightly colored pillows on which two men lie, relaxing and listening to Miles Davis. The one closest to me has on an authentic looking lion tamer ensemble, circa 1930, complete with big whip on hip and long thin mustache curling up at the ends. The other guy's looking less impressive with faded black jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt.

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