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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Lolita & the Vamp


The Vamp was a legend down at the ol' Champ Arcade. She looked like an older Anita Ekberg--blonde and buxom and full of verve, only with some mileage on the dial. She may have been older than the other nymphettes, lacking in supple flesh, but she wielded a wicked tongue the young girls couldn't match. She drove the men crazy with her words . . . and boy did they line up to see her.

The Vamp was a loner--she worked alone and lived alone. She had no friends other than the three stray cats who slept on her bed. The only girls who dared to try their luck against her were the new ones--too fresh to know better, or the victims of schedule seniority. And it seemed no matter how promising each new girl was--Italian goddess, Britney look-a-like, ex-porn star--the Vamp nabbed all the shows. With their purses empty and self-esteem smashed to bits, the new girls would either hit the road, or beg management to switch them to another day. It seemed this pattern would go on forever. But for the Vamp, the shade was comin' down.

The door of the dressing room flung open and in walked Josh the clerk, holding a cigarette between his teeth. He plopped down in a chair, promptly lit up, and took a long drag. The Vamp peeked out of her booth to see who was there. "Oh, it's just you," she said, retreating.

Smoke billowed from his porcine mouth. "Yeah, nice, to see you, too," he said.

Her nails clicked loudly on the booth floor. "It's so fucking dead in this place," she said with a sigh.

He leaned back in his chair and propped his feet up on the counter. "Tell me about it," he said. "Hey, did you hear the news?"

"No--no one tells me shit around this place."

"There's a new girl starting tomorrow night," he said.

"Yeah, what's she like?" she asked.

"She's fucking hot," he said.

"Oh, really. That's what you say about all the new girls."

"No, I'm serious. This girl . . . I think she might be the hottest girl I've ever seen here. Maybe even the hottest girl I've seen period."

"Well it's about time we get some hot girls in this joint. It would be nice to actually enjoy a two girl show for once," she said.

He looked at the ceiling dream-like and said, "She just turned 18 and she's from Brazil. She's got the most amazing mouth."

"She's dark, I'm blonde. It'll be perfect," she said.

He took one last hit off his cigarette before killing it. He opened the dressing room door and paused before walking out, "Well, I guess you guys will figure it out," he said.


The Vamp opened her compact and looked at her reflection, turning her face from side to side. She frowned in disgust, seeing the deep lines around her mouth and the slight hollow beneath each eye. She picked up the moist brown sponge in her compact and ran it over her face, hoping to work some magic. One of her regulars ducked into her booth--the guy who puts rubber bands around his balls. She smiled and closed her compact, thinking she still had it.


The Vamp showed up for work the next day. She wasn't taking any chances--her bags were packed with extra clothes and props. When she walked past the front counter, Josh greeted her with a devilish grin: "She's already back there."

"Cool, can't wait to meet her," she said--her voice flat.

She opened the dressing room door and found the new girl sitting in a chair knocked-kneed, lacing up a pair of white roller skates with pink sparkly wheels.

The Vamp dropped her bag, making a loud thud. The new girl jumped.

"Hi, I'm Vamp. Sorry to scare you."

Lolita flashed a broad smile, revealing perfect white teeth and cheeks like apples. She had long black hair and large doe eyes. Her skin was the color of brown honey. "Nice to meet you. I'm Lolita," she said.

The Vamp nodded, picked up her bag and went over to her locker.

Lolita stood up, trying to balance on her skates. The Vamp assessed the goods out of the corner of her eye. Lolita wore a pair of pink metalic booty shorts and a matching tube top--the fabric hugging her every curve. "I guess we don't have to worry about dressing alike," said the Vamp.

Lolita giggled like a schoolgirl as she tried to level out her pony tails in the mirror.

The Vamp wondered what was so funny. She'd show her. She pulled out her money maker--an authentic Playboy bunny outfit she ordered off the Internet--complete with cotton ball tail and bunny ears. She started to undress.

"Which booth should I use?" Lolita asked.

The Vamp looked at Lolita surprised. "You're done getting ready?"

Lolita looked in the mirror and smacked her dark full lips. "Yeah," she said. "I don't wear much makeup--just a little gloss."

"I normally take the middle booth," the Vamp said.

Not wanting the customers to see Lolita first, the Vamp recommended the last booth, saying, "The guys really like that one--it's more private."

"Thanks," Lolita said, flashing dimples. She opened the door to the last booth and put in her things. "Oh, and don't worry," Lolita said, jumping into her booth. "That nice guy out front showed me how things work back here."

The Vamp jumped into her booth, too, not wanting to give Lolita a headstart. She opened her compact and painted on her face.


The night started slow as it often did on Monday, but as soon as ten o'clock rolled around things picked up. Ass Man, a Mercedez salesman down the road, walked into the Vamp's booth. He picked up the phone and greeted her like he always did: "Hi, baby. I've been dreaming about that ass. I can't wait for you to take off that bunny suit and show it to me." As the Vamp lowered the curtain to the hallway, she saw Orgasm Man walk past her booth toward Lolita. He usually pumped in around two hundred dollars, hoping to see you come over and over again. Fuck, she thought. He'll surely go to her. She suddenly hated Ass Man as he put in his twenty--his tongue darting in and out like a snake.

The show ended and Ass Man was on his way. The Vamp picked up a book and started reading, tying to ignore the soft moans and steady hum of the vibrator on the other side of the wall. An hour later, Lolita appeared at her side, cheeks flushed, gasping for breath. An excited red rash appeared on her chest between her bare breasts; she wore only the jewelry affixed to her belly buttom, nipples and clit.

"Jeez!" she said. "This is a fucking endurance race working here!"

"Yeah," the Vamp said, eyeing her bag. Why hadn't she just taken it and left? Now she had to sit here and take it--the innocent radiance of newfound sexual peep girl success.

Lolita made like she was yawning, "Anyway, I'm like, tired as shit. You might if I take off?"

Vamp managed to conceal her happiness, "Oh, no, not at all." She gave Lolita a smile, genuine this time.

Lolita smiled, "OK." She started to turn back into the dressing room when she looked up suddenly.

There was a young man in the hall. And he was staring at Vamp. He couldn't have been more than sixteen if that, probably in on a borrowed ID. He was licking his lips as he gazed at the older lady.

"Looks like you got a customer," Lolita sang.

Vamp turned and saw the young man, and felt a sudden warmth. Oh, she loved the boys; they loved being naughty.

She motioned him in and closed the curtain; Lolita blew a kiss to her goodbye and was off.


The following days played out like a nightmare for the Vamp, while Lolita enjoyed record success. She could have finished War and Peace while the regulars and some newbies discovered the downy softness that was the near-virginal Lolita The Vamp couldn't really blame the customers, or Lolita for that matter, as she too, was not able to peruse her flesh without craving it. She started assessing the damage to her income, which the new youth presented, wondering what she might do. She didn't have a back up plan. She never needed one.

By the second week, the Vamp was checking out the paper, looking for Adult work. She was down three hundred dollars for last week and with her finances, she couldn't bear to repeat another. She circled an ad that looked promising--Looking for Healthy Girls to Pose Nude for Artistic Photos--Good Pay. Lolita wasn't there yet, so she decided to make a quick call. Josh the clerk came busting through the dressing room door with a cigarette in his mouth. A man answered the phone, "Hello . . . hello?"

She hung up. "Damn, don't you ever knock!" she yelled.

He fell into the chair and lit up. "Hey, don't be such a bitch. I have good news for you."

"What, the President got assassinated?"

"I wish," he said, exhaling. "Lolita quit."

The Vamp tried to contain her excitement. "Really? Why?" she asked, puzzled.

"Well, I didn't actually talk to her--Lou did. Lou said she got a new boyfriend."

"Huh . . ."

"And the new boyfriend doesn't like places like this."

"What a shame," she said. A customer approached her window looking eager for a show. He was a new guy--young, hot and wanting her. She tossed her book aside and sat back on her heels--ready to give this guy the show of his life.

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