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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Creep Show Stories

She hardly recognized him when he stumbled into her booth, looking more like a dirty old bum than a handsome exec. His hair had grown long over his ears and his face had grown grey with stubble. The clothes he wore looked like they hadn't touched soap and water for weeks. She wondered if he had fallen off the wagon . . . again.

He picked up the phone. "Hey Jane. "

"Hey Mike, haven't seen you in a while. You're looking a little rough these days, things going OK?

"Yeah, I'm just taking some time off of work. Got up a little late this morning."

She nodded, knowing he was full of shit.

He held up a black paper bag and smiled. "Hey, I brought you something. Should I meet you 'round back like last time?"

"Yeah, just knock on the door and I'll open up."

He grinned and made for the hall. Seconds later, he was knocking on the door. Jane cracked the door just enough to poke her head out. He smiled and handed her the bag, "Hey, you look nice today."

"Thanks baby," she said. "I'll meet you back in my booth?"

"Yeah, just gotta hit the ATM on the way over."

She licked her lips and winked. "I'll be waiting."

He came back a couple minutes later just like he said. He slipped one twenty through the tip slot and one into the machine. He took off his jacket and undid his belt.

"You miss me, baby?" he asked.

"Of course, baby. You know you're my favorite."

He smiled. "I got those magazines you said you liked."

She opened the bag and pulled out two magazines. "Oh, baby, thank you!"

"I haven't looked at 'em yet," he said. "See . . . the seal's still good."

She ripped the seal and pulled out the first magazine, bouncing up and down with excitement. "Baby, you know how hot these get me."

He rubbed the front of his jeans. "You like looking at those naughty pictures, don't you?"

She slid one hand between her soft bare thighs and batted her lashes. "Yeah, while I touch myself," she purred.

He started to undo himself. "You come doing that, baby?"

She leaned toward the glass and licked her full lips. "I come thinking about kissing their soft tits and tasting their wet pussies."

He swallowed hard and closed his eyes. "What kind of tits does she have, baby?"

Jane took off her shirt and grabbed her bare breasts. "They're big and soft with pink puffy nipples."

He squeezed his eyes tighter and pulled out his cock. "What's her pussy like?" he asked.

"It's soft and smooth and swollen with desire."

He opened his eyes and moved closer to the window. "Show me in the magazine," he demanded. He didn't care if Jane was naked--he just wanted to listen to the story.

Jane opened the magazine and flipped through the pages, deciding on an attractive threesome scene: 1 guy, 2 girls. She turned the magazine around and held it open for him to see. She felt like the librarian downtown who reads stories to the children on Saturday mornings.

His eyes moved over the pages, taking in every detail. "Who are they?" he asked--his voice shaky with anticipation.

She pointed out each character. "This is Steve, the blonde is me, and the brunette is your wife."

"She looks like my wife," he said, smiling. "Same long brown hair and big natural tits."

"I know," Jane said, nodding. "Remember, you showed me her picture last time."

His brain was drawing blanks, but he mustered a smile anyway. "Oh, now I remember," he said. "So what are you gonna do to her?"

"Well . . ."

The window started to close.

"Oh, shit," he said, grabbing for his wallet. He slid another twenty through the tip slot and put two more twenties into the machine. The mechanism in the window made a loud jarring noise as the shade went back up. He took his cock--grown soft--back in his hand. "So what are you going to do to my wife?" he asked.

She touched the brunette on the page with the tip of her finger. "Well, I would start by . . ."

His cell phone started to ring. He answered it: "Hello? . . . Oh, hi baby . . . No, I'm still at the hotel . . . No, I haven't left yet . . . No, one of the girls didn't show up so I had to wait . . . No, baby. I'm not lying . . . "

The voice on the other end of the line became shrill and Jane suddently felt the urge to scream out--he's lying, he's lying. But she showed remarkable restraint, smiling patiently instead.

He turned away and cupped the mouthpiece. "I wouldn't lie to you, baby," he whispered. "I swear . . . Baby? . . . You still there?" He shook his head and stuffed the phone back in his pocket. He didn't say a word about the call. He gripped his cock once more. "So what are you gonna do to my wife?"

"First, I make her take off her clothes," she said. "Then, I tie her up so she can't get away."

His cock stirs. "Yes?"

"And then I take off my clothes so we're both naked."

His eyes held onto her every word.

She turned the page and continued with the story: "I start kissing her mouth, then her neck, working my way down to her large soft breasts."

He pointed to the picture. "Yeah, her breasts look just like my wife's."

Jane continued: "I start kissing her soft breasts and licking her nipples until they turn nice and hard in my mouth."

"And where's the guy--Steve? Is he watching?" he asked.

"Yeah, he's watching in the corner, naked."

His bottom lip started to quiver. "What's he doing?"

"He's stroking his cock, while he watches us."

"What's his cock like? Is it big?"

"Yeah, it's really big--probably about ten inches and it's really thick," she said.

"So do you kiss my wife down there?" he asked.

"Yeah, I slowly kiss my way down between her thighs and fill my mouth with her soft swollen lips."

"My wife doesn't shave, either."

"No, she doesn't," Jane said, pointing to the picture. "She's a naughty girl who likes to show off her pussy."

He closed his eyes and stroked harder. "Yeah, she likes to be watched," he said. "What's Steve doing now?"

Jane turned the page. "Steve walks over and your wife starts sucking his cock."

"Oh, yeah!" Mike said, sounding like he was about to come. He leaned forward and started doing himself real good, panting and making painful faces.

Jane pointed to the picture. "Look how nice and pretty her mouth looks around his cock."

The window started to close and he came alive like someone just poured cold water over his head--his arms flailing in panic, trying to get to his money. He opened his wallet and started searching through old receipts and business cards--dead pieces of paper fell everywhere. He bent over to pick them up--his bare ass twisting up in the air. "I lost my money. I can't find it. I couldn't have gone through it that fast," he said as he stood up. He started going through his pockets like a mad man-- his cock flopping in the air.

Jane counted in her head, knowing he had.

His face started to turn red. "That can't be r . . ."

His cell phone started ringing again. He answered: "Hello . . . Hi, honey . . . No, I haven't left yet. No, she just got here . . . No, I don't know what happened with the other girl . . . I'm not lying . . . "

He turned again, trying to guard the call. "No, I'm not there . . . Honey, don't say that . . . OK, honey, I'm leaving right now." He looked at his watch. "I'll be there in ten minutes . . . "

He put the phone back in his pocket and started searching again for his money. "I couldn't have gone through that money already."

Jane sat behind the closed shade, peeking at him through the crack. "I don't know, baby?"

He crossed his arms and started thinking. "Well, how much did I give you?"

She leaned her head against the side of the booth, wishing he would just go away. "Forty."


"Yeah, forty," she shot back.

He threw his arms up in the air. "Damn, I'm out of money and I didn't even get to come."

"I'm sorry, baby. I guess time goes by fast when you're having a good time."

"Why don't you just give me twenty back from the machine--just so I can come real quick. No one will know."

Jane's eyes narrowed and her voice became harsh. "I don't have access to the money in the machine, baby--that's the house money. It's all computerized so the girls can't pull any funny business."

He pleaded with her, holding his limp dick in his hand. "Just slip me ten through the tip slot so I can put it into the machine. I just need five minutes, baby--P L E A S E ! "

"Baby, listen to yourself. You're talking crazy again."

"I'll pay you back next time I come in. Come on, baby, you know I'm good for it." He flashed a greaseball smile and held his hand up to the tip slot.

"No, I'm not going to give you any money. We went through this last time and you promised you wouldn't do this again."

"Come on," he said, stomping his foot. He looked like he was about to throw a tantrum when the phone rang. He answered: "Hi honey . . . No, I'm not in the car. Honey, don't . . ."

Jane couldn't decipher the words coming from the other end of the phone, but she could tell that they were tinged with venom. He quickly zipped his pants and grabbed his things. "Hey, I've gotta run. I'll see you next week."

Jane flipped through the pages of the magazine, saved yet again by his wife. "Yeah, baby-- I'll be here."

Blogger John Psmyth said...
Love the story. Not so sure about the picture -- why telegraph your punches?
3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
John, why telegraph your insipidness?
4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
John, why telegraph your insipidness?
4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
John, why telegraph your insipidness?
4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
John, why telegraph your insipidness?
4:25 PM  
Blogger John Psmyth said...
Because sometimes what this writer makes me see with my mind's eye is more terrifying and sad than any picture could ever be.
6:00 PM  
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