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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Religion Cops: They Call Themselves Vice

[Seattle riot cops asked to use Fantasy bathroom during WTO]

Religion Cops: They Call Themselves Vice

Every now and then the Seattle PD, or Vice to be exact, make their puritanical rounds, mostly busting girls at strip joints for giving dirty lap dances, i.e.: grinding on cocks.

I have a girlfriend who worked at one of the local clubs in Seattle. She told me that the cops usually don protective cups and that if a dancer suspects a customer is a cop, she will accidently brush their crotch first to feel for such cup before doing a dirty dance. Unfortunately, a lot of girls in the clubs do dirty lap dances in order to make a living. If they donít, there are 20 other girls who will . . . not to mention the girls who are willing to do hand and blow jobs in the VIP section. [Note: In Washington, when asked by a sex worker, a cop does not have to say whether or not he is an officer.]

Some clubs in Seattle get raided more than others. If a girl gets busted, the poor dear is handcuffed on the spot and taken away . . . sometimes scantily clad. When they arrive at the station, they get booked for prostitution and put in a cell for a couple of hours before the club posts bail (although some clubs donít). The larger clubs have attorneys that represent the girls in court.

When I worked at the dungeon, Vice would come in monthly. The head mistress sat me down when I started working there and told me what to look for and what to do if I suspected a customer was a cop. She said the cops that come in are clean cut and wear comfortable shoes.

ďTheyíll try to get you to do things . . . theyíll ask you how much will it take for you to flash me your pussy? You know you canít negotiate services for money in the State of Washington, right?Ē sheíd quiz me. ďAnd you canít take money from their hand. If they want to Ďtipí they have to place it on the table. Theyíll try to trick you so watch out. If you get busted, we all get busted. Theyíll say weíre a whore house and theyíll close this place down.Ē

She ended by saying, ďThe cops that come in here are pretty cool. After the show, they usually leave a twenty dollar bill on the table and say something along the lines as Ďgood girlí before walking out the door.Ē [Thank you, Seattle taxpayers]

At the peep show, the cops also make the rounds. A couple of years ago, they made frequent trips, which were likely due to the fact that upscale condos were going up nearby. It was speculated that the owners placed some calls to the City, hoping they could close the place down.

However, there wasnít much for the cops to find. That is, to justify closing the place down. The City did require that some changes be made. The bottom of the doors to the peep show booths had to be raised a couple of feet in accordance with RCW blah blah blah and some signs had to be displayed, stating it was illegal for more than one person to occupy a booth at a given time. The changes were made and the visits seemed to ebb.

During the WTO protests, however, a troop of cops came into the peep show donning riot gear, asking permission to use the restroom. The clerk kindly gave them the thumbs up, pointing in the direction of the lavatory, which directly faces the girls in the peep show booths. An interesting visual juxtaposition it must have been to say the least.

The cops still drop in here and there. They are mostly interested in whatís going on in the theater, making sure no oneís doing drugs, masturbating, or engaging in other illicit activities. The cops donít bother too much with the peep show girls, although there is one cop that comes in from time to time. He only came into my booth once. It was probably the most boring show I ever did. You would think he would be a little less obvious.

Cop: How much does this cost?

Me: $20.00. [We never offer the other shows if we suspect the customer is a cop.]

Cop: What do you do for 20.00?

Me: I get naked for you, baby!

The cop puts the money into the bill acceptor and the shade rises, revealing a middle-aged, clean-cut white male. He stands with his arms crossed, his face expressionless.

Me: Have you been here before, sweetie? [taking off clothes]

Cop: Nope.

Me: Ah, feeling naughty tonight? [smiling]

Cop: Not really.

Me: So whatís your fantasy?

Cop: I donít have any.

Me: You donít have any? You donít have to be shy around me, baby. Iím open-minded. Do you like watching two girls together? [playing with my breasts]

Cop: Itís all right, I guess.

Me: Have you ever been with another guy?

Cop: No! [looking disgusted]

Me: Oh, I think two guys together is so sexy! My biggest fantasy is to have a threesome with two guys. I have a strap-on at home that I like to wear sometimes. [making a thrusting motion]

Cop: You got any toys in there?

Me: No . . . Iím a good girl. I could get in trouble for that.

Cop: Can you put a couple of fingers inside your puss? [brow furrows]

Me: No, I canít do that, either . . . that would be illegal. You donít want to get me in trouble do you? [stroking the inside of my thigh]

Cop: [shrugs]

Me: You like watching girls masturbate, donít you? [smiling]

Cop: Maybe.

Me: Do you masturbate?

Cop: No. [looking disgusted]

Me: Itís all right if you do. Itís natural, right? [wiggling my ass]

Cop: I suppose. Do many guys masturbate here?

Me: Some do.

Cop: Should I?

Me: I guess thatís up to you. Itís a free country. [rolling my hips]

Cop: You ever do anything outside of here?

Me: What did you have in mind? [eyes narrowing a bit]

Cop: I dunno . . . massage, private shows?

Me: No, I make enough here.

Cop: But you could make more.

Me: No thanks. Iím a good girl. [slapping my ass hard]

Cop: Too bad.

Me: Well, it looks like your time is running out. Hope you had a good time.

Cop: Yep. [barely audible]

With time still on the clock, the cop turns and walks out of my booth not saying another word. Sensing that he will go straight into the other girl's booth, I jump out of mine to give her a heads-up.

We girls gotta stick together.

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