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Monday, March 01, 2004

Letter From a Young Stripper

I love mail like this:

I wanted to say, first of all, that I recently began reading your blog and I find it not only fascinating but well-written. I have always been intrigued by the "industry" -- not only from a customer point-of-view, but a member as well.

I must mention that I have never been to a strip club of any type. (In my defense, I only recently turned 19, so I haven't been old enough to go for long.) However, I have a friend here at college who is from Seattle, and I plan on visiting him this summer for the sheer purpose of coming by to see you and the other girls.

Aside from my typical compliments, I have a question: I have always thought about stripping part-time. Now that I'm old enough, how would you recommend I start? Should I begin at a peep show? Should I begin at a regular dance-around-on-stage place? Either way, how should I learn what to do?

Also, my nipples are pierced (verticle barbells) and I have tattoos on my pubic area (a large fairy and a seven-pointed star). Would those be an issue?

Just for fun, and to put a picture with the name, I attached a picture. If you get really bored, I have piercing/tattoo pictures I can also send. Feel free to use the text of this message on the blog if you wish, including the picture.

thanks, and keep up the awesome site.


Thank you, Saphhous! I love getting mail from my girl readers! And yes--I definitely think you would make a great stripper! Tattoos and piercings are big pluses in my book! What do you think, PSS readers? Should Saphhous become a stripper? (And is 'Saphhous' derived from Sappho?)

Update! Saphhous sent us 2 more pics!

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