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Monday, February 09, 2004

The Girls

There are two femme lovers that live across the way from our place on a stage atop a brownstone. Beautiful creatures they are--such munificent performers. Exhibitionists I guess you could say.

The stage is quite sparse; they are probably students. The backdrop: an ivory wall, warmly lit. The furnishings: a large untidy bookcase and an overstuffed sofa. The girls get frisky after 11:00 p.m. or so. There is always great anticipation for their appearance.

It is usually when you are fully engrossed in a book that they surprise you. The gleam of naked flesh and the roundness of a bare breast has a way of catching your eye no matter what you are doing. It commands your immediate attention.

“The girls, honey. The girls ... hurry,” I say to my bf if I see them first, or vice versa.

The show itself is never quite the same. It can be as innocent as one girl changing in and out of several outfits, turning this way and that, while the other looks on from the couch--admiring.

Other times, the show is much more sensual. They may passionately embrace topless, while kissing. Their firm breasts pressing into each other’s flesh. Sometimes the show ends here. But sometimes . . . things go further.

One night, the girls were kissing topless. One girl lowered herself down onto her knees, positioning herself directly in front of her lover. She quickly undid her lover’s pants, pulling them down only a little bit past her hips. She then leaned forward and placed her lips gently onto her lover’s stomach. Her lover placed her hands on her head, caressing her long dark hair. The kisses drifted lower, ever so slowly until her mouth reached the front of her lover’s panties.

I thought about how much I enjoyed the warm sensation of my lover’s breath and kisses through my panties. Such a marvelous feeling--the anticipation of your lover pulling your panties aside; their lips touching your softest places.

The girl on her knees pulled her lover’s pants and panties down to her ankles and resumed between her legs. Her lover’s head tilt back gently and her mouth opened. The girl on her knees pulled away and stood up. One of the girls pushed the other down onto the couch and they both fell out of view.

Only their tangled legs could now be seen, waving madly in the air--feet pointing and flexing. Towards the end of the maelstrom, their legs slowed, and eventually came to rest on the arm of the couch.

They stayed there for a moment--all was still. The metaphorical curtain closed.

My partner and I looked at each other and smiled. We went back to what ever we were doing. The smile remained for a while.

I wonder about our neighbors . . . do they see them? If they see them, do they watch? I imagine their faces: wide-eyed, pursed lips, slack-jawed, eyes narrowed, brows raised, et. al. I imagine the conversations that must take place on various floors:

Apt. #203

“Bob, are you looking at those girls again?”

“How can I help it, they run around naked all day.”

“Pervert.” [Door slams!]

Apt. #302



“Will you come over here for a minute?”


“Is that woman naked?”

“Why, yes, yes she is!”

“Turn off all the lights! Where’s the binoculars!”

Apt. #303

“Oh, fuck yeah.”

The other day, at 2:00 a.m. to be exact, my boyfriend flung open the bedroom door, waking me.

“There’s a threesome going on. Come look,” he said with great excitement.

I’m not one who wakes easily from a deep sleep, which was unfortunate for me that early morning.

“That’s O.K. honey, you enjoy,” I responded, falling back asleep.

Lately, the shows have tapered off a bit. It started around the holidays. Me and my bf flew to the east coast for the holidays and were gone for about a week. When we got back, we walked through the door, walked straight into the bedroom, and slept for about five hours. Soul catching up?

When we finally awoke, it was dark. I stumbled into the living room. I looked out the window expecting to see the girls watching t.v. on the couch or something. My mind’s eye quickly replayed a clip of one of the girls sitting on the back of the couch, massaging her lover’s shoulders. But when the scene ended . . . there was nothing. The stage was still a black hole.

The next evening my bf and I had dinner and decided to watch a movie afterward. While sitting on the couch, I looked out the window, and still total darkness. Where were the girls I wondered. They must be off seeing friends or family for the holidays.

Something inside of me was a little sad they weren’t there. It wasn’t that I wanted to see some tits and ass, but I genuinely missed them. I missed that energy . . . those wonderful lives that existed across from ours. So young, confident, carefree, and seemingly happy and healthy.

One week later . . . I came home from work, tired. I walked into the living room and collapsed onto the couch. I looked up and saw the stage was lit. One girl sat on the couch, while the other girl walked back and forth in front of the window, talking on the phone. She stopped, put one hand on her hip, and looked straight out the window at me.

A huge smile spread across my face.

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