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Monday, January 26, 2004

[The truth is stranger . . . a piece of fiction by Pagan . . . ]

A Conversation

A man walks into a peep show booth and picks up the phone.

“So how does this thing work?”

“You’ve never been to a peep show before?”

“No, it’s my first time. To tell you the truth, I don’t normally go to places like this.”

“Well you’re in for a real treat . . . I love doing shows for new guys. I promise you won't be disappointed.”

“So how much does it cost?”

“The show starts at $20.00 for ten minutes . . . and just to let you know, the machine doesn’t like the new $5.00 bills . . . the ones with the big heads.”

“How about a $20.00 with a big head?”

“That’ll work.”

“So what do you do for $20.00?”

“I get naked for you and you get as comfortable as you like.”

“So is there a slot or something where I put the money?”

“Actually, there’s a bill acceptor to your left next to the box of kleenex.”

“Oh, I see. Do I put my money in now?”

“Whenever your ready, baby.”

The bill acceptor makes a whirring sound and the shade begins to rise, revealing a young woman dressed as a school girl, sitting back on her Mary Janes.

“Hi, sexy. I like your suit."

“Thanks . . . you look very nice yourself.”

“Let me stand up for you so you can get a better look. Do you like school girls?”

“Ah . . . well, sure.”

“You like my white knee highs and short plaid skirt?”

“Yes, they look very nice on you. How old are you anyways?”

“Old enough. How old are you?”

“Old enough to be your dad.”

“Mmm . . . I like older men, especially ones wearing nice suits. Are you just getting off of work?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“I’m not wearing a bra under my blouse . . . I bet you can see my breasts if you look close. They’re kinda small, but I have nice pink nipples."

“Yes, very nice.”

“Would you like to see my panties? They’re white and cotton and I’ve been wearing them all day.”

“Actually . . . if it’s ok with you, I think I’d just like to talk. I mean . . . no offense, you’re very beautiful and I find you incredibly sexy, but I’ve got something I’d really like to get off my chest.”

“Oh sure . . . whatever you like. It’s your fantasy.”

“Well . . . like I said, I don’t normally go to places like this. I’m a married man . . . been married for 25 years.”

“Wow, that’s longer than I’ve been alive.”

“Thanks, you really know how to make a guy feel old.”

“I told you I like older men.”

“I also have two daughters about your age.”

“Sounds like the all-American family.”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

“You sound sad, what’s wrong?”

“I lost my job a month ago. I'd been working there for 20 years and those motherfuckers outsourced my job to India.”

“I’m sorry, that really sucks!! But can’t you find a job pretty easy? I mean working 20 years and all?”

“Not in this economy. The worst part of this whole thing is that I haven’t been able to tell my wife.”

“You haven’t told your wife that you lost your job?”

“Nope, I’ve been waking up every morning pretending to go to the office. I don’t have a land line there so I don’t have to worry about her calling. If she needs to get a hold of me, she just calls my cell.”

“Why didn’t you tell her?”

“Well . . . it’s a long story, but basically, our marriage has been through a lot and I think this might be the fatal blow. I mean . . . I have a mortgage to pay for, college tuition, car payments. God, the list goes on and on.”

“What do you do during the day?”

“Well, I look for jobs of course. I have my phone. Somedays I go to the library and other days I just sit in the park. It’s all very sobering. I’m really tired though. I can’t go on like this any longer.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“Well . . . I considered running away, but that obviously isn’t the best choice for someone my age.”

“You're right, that wouldn’t be good. You really should talk to your wife. I think she would understand.”

His cell phone rings.

“Oh shit, that’s her. Today’s her birthday. I’m supposed to be meeting her after work at our favorite restaurant. I’m going to take this, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all.”

“Hi, honey . . . Yes, I’m just finishing up at the office . . . When do you think you’ll be at the restaurant? . . . Ok, I’ll see you then . . . I love you, too.

“Well . . . I guess I better go. Thanks for the show and thanks for listening to my problems. You're a real sweet girl.”

“I’m sure everything will work out. Are you going to tell her?”

“Yeah . . . sooner or later.”

She watched as he left her booth, admiring the back of his suit. She cleared his remaining time and went back to reading her book.

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