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Thursday, July 03, 2003

The Technique

It seems surreal at times to think part of my job is to watch guys masturbate. I probably witness an average of ten guys masturbating a day (50 guys a week) . . . well, and then there's my boyfriend (heh, heh). Needless to say, I've learned a lot about male masturbation.

As penises come in all shapes, sizes and colors, the way in which their owners manipulate them varies as well. I have described some of these techniques as follows (of course there are many more):

The Thumper

This customer's technique is similar to that of the stroker . . . well, in the beginning at least. He starts by stroking his cock in a smooth and rythmic motion until it gets nice and hard in his hand. He usually stands very close to the glass so that his cock is within inches of it. The customer then starts thumping his cock against the glass sporadically. I am always taken back a little by this as the thumping makes a loud reverberation and the plexi-glass shakes violently in its frame. I'm never sure how to react. I don't find this particularly sexy . . . watching the customer pull back on his cock and lunge forward as the poor thing slams hard onto the glass. I respect that he finds pleasure in this and try to seem somewhat responsive.

The Slapper

The name slapper pretty much says it all. While the customer strokes his cock, he likes to give it a nice slap here and there. He usually slaps his cock on one side, strokes it a little, and then slaps his cock on the other side. The slaps are short and direct. When I see the slapper, I can't help but think of the guys at the gym who slap each other to get pumped up.

The Stretcher

There are different variations of the stretcher. There is the customer who likes to pull and stretch his penis vs. stroking it to get it hard. Once it's hard, they usually go back to the stroke. I don't think it's as easy to stretch a nice hard cock. Then there's the customer who likes to stretch the hole of his penis . . . I mean really stretch it so that you can see inside (even if you don't want to). Sometimes they open and close their hole to make it look like it's talking. It reminds me of playing with one of those small oval rubber coin holders. The kind where you can squeeze the sides and pretend it's talking.

The Multi-Tasker

The multi-tasker is the customer that likes it all. He has one hand on his cock and the other hand is either massaging his balls, pinching his nipple(s), or playing with his ass. All the while, he is talking nasty to you. Sometimes this customer brings in dirty magazines or toys, i.e., butt plugs, carrots, anal beads, etc. Or, the customer might be into ball bondage and may come in with a rubber bands around his balls. The multi-tasker is very creative and interesting to watch. The show is usually more about waching him vs. him watching you.

The Restrainer

The restrainer is the customer that comes in and masturbates (usually using the stroker technique), but does not allow himself to come. Most of the customers that restrain are doing so for spiritual reasons. They are saving up their sexual energy. I just had a customer in the other day who seemed to be enjoying the show, but did not come at the end. I told him I was sorry he didn't come and he smiled, holding up his necklace, which had the Om symbol on it. Other customers are married or have significant others who they are saving their orgasms for. I think the restrainers are sexy.

The Swinger

The swinger moves his hips in a circular motion until his cock follows suit. Usually, the swinger does this at the beginning of the show before his cock gets too hard. It's almost like some ritualistic dance that he's performing for me. I notice the customers who are into the swinger technique often take all of their clothes off in the booth. They seem to be exhibiting some sort of freedom of bodily expression.

The Stroker

The stroker is the most common of techniques. It is the use of the whole hand around the cock, moving up and down in a rythmic motion. The grip can be tight, loose, or anywhere in between. Most of the other techniques include variations of the stroker. I think I enjoy watching this technique the most. Not because it is the most common, but because I love watching a guy's hand wrapped around his cock, moving up and down. The movement is so sensual. I'm starting to tingle down there just thinking about it.

The Taster

The taster finds great pleasure in tasting his own pre-cum (or other parts of his body for that matter). He wants to shock you. While masturbating, he often stops to squeeze the tip of his cock until the pre-cum bubbles out the tip. It sits and glistens there for a moment and then he swoops down to fetch it up with his finger, bringing it up to his mouth. He then looks you right in the eye to see your reaction before licking it off his finger. Some people may find this disgusting, but I don't. I think you should taste yourself . . . at least once.

The Squeezer

The squeezer likes to squeeze his cock and/or balls while he masturbates. He usually strokes his cock up and down and gives it a nice squeeze at the top. The head of his cock bulges out from his tight grip and turns reddish and/or purple if he squeezes too hard for too long. Sometimes the customer squeezes his balls hard with one hand, while he strokes his cock with the other hand. I don't enjoy watching squeezing if there is discoloration involved, otherwise it seems pretty innocent.

The Tickler

The tickler likes to run his fingers lightly up and down the sides of his cock. He often uses just a couple of fingers to do this. I enjoy watching the muscles in his face tighten and relax in response to the sensation he is experiencing. If I get close enough to the glass, I can sometimes see goosebumps on his arms. Once in a while, a customer will bring in a feather to tickle his cock with. While the tickler masturbates, he often likes to talk about being restrained, while you tickle him. The ticklers are some of my favorite customers.

The Spider Monkey

The spider monkey has his cock in hand as soon as the money is in the machine and the window is going up. I think he is worried that he will not be able to come in the time allotted . . . so he is not taking any chances. It is full speed ahead from the very start. I wish he would relax and take his time . . . enjoy the show. However, he usually comes right away and sometimes, before I have even had the chance to take off all my clothes.

There are definitely more techniques than the aforementioned, but these are some of the most common ones I have observed.

What techniques have you heard of and/or what is your favorite technique?

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