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Friday, July 04, 2003

The Q&A Series, #1


I stumbled across your journal by accident (actually someone on a blog I read was complaining that you had "stolen" their format... hahaha), and have been very interested to read about your life experiences, which are very different from my own.
My questions are these... what sort of physical fitness do you practice and what kinds of exercises and diet are common among the women that you work with?  Also, I was wondering how you keep so cleanly shaved?  Do you wax?  Leave it to another girl to ask, but I can't help but wonder how you girls stay so smooth.  I always get bad razor burn when I shave the bikini area.  Any tips you can share would be appreciated.

My favorite type of physical fitness would have to be Yoga. I love the mind/body connection that you get from Yoga and I find the atmosphere to be extremely sexy (well, at the least at the studio I go to . . . 8 limbs). In addition, I try to walk as much as possible (I don't own a vehicle). I'm not sure what the other girls do for exercise. If they read this, perhaps they can comment. I think they maintain their figures through moderation (in all areas). They also have youth on their sides. As far as diets, I am vegan and several of the other girls are vegetarian.

In regards to the shaving question, I don't think any of the girls wax. I just use a regular razor and shaving cream . . . nothing fancy. The secret is to make sure that your razor is sharp and that you shave often. I also suggest that you always shave with water and shaving cream. Your hair down there also grows in different directions . . . so you may have to experiment to see which direction you need to shave to minimize in-grown hairs. When I first started to shave, I did have problems with razor burn. However, this stopped after a couple of months. I think your skin is extremely sensitive down there and there is an adjustment period that has to take place. I'm sure this process could be shorter or longer, depending on your skin type. Also, applying some aloe vera after shaving will help too.

Good Luck!!


What do the People / Girls there think of the picture taking and the

How did you get started with the whole weblog thing?

I think most of the girls at Fantasy like the idea of the blog and enjoy having their pictures on the website. I try to make sure the pictures are tasteful and not too revealing. I also try to minimize nudity as this is not the intent of the website.

I think the girls trust me to tell our story in a true, but tasteful manner. My hope is for people to see that we are just "normal" girls, making a living just like everyone else and that the work we do has some redeeming quality.

Some of the clerks and janitors know about the site too and even enjoy reading it themselves. However, management hasn't found out about the site. I'm not sure how they would feel about it. I guess I will worry about that when that time comes.

I was introduced to blogging by Dr. Menlo, who is also my bf. In addition to Peep Show Stories, he hosts several other wonderful sites . . . check out Abuddhas Memes, Le Blogeur, Kurt Nimmo's Another Day In The Empire, Thumbmonkey, Dr. Menlo's group blogAmerican Samizdat, and, of course: Sensual Liberation Army.


Dear Pagan aka Natalia,

I have two questions.

1) You are in the business of arousing (mainly) men. And looking at the
photos on your site, you are rather good at doing that. So I was
wondering - are there men who get so excited they don't seem to be happy with
the services you provide, ie who really want to touch want they see?

If so, how do you deal with this kind of demand?

Are you ever tempted to follow up on any of such proposals? Or does
professional ethics exclude any follow-up interaction so you don't even
think about it at first place? Aren't your partners jealous that, at some
point such interaction might occur despite best intentions by all
parties - after all, it's nature (in the widest possible definition) that
you're playing with. Isn't that like playing with explosives sometimes?

There are many customers who try to solicit our services outside of work. These customers do enjoy the show, but are curious if we do any work off premises. I do not provide such services and have not been tempted to change my mind. I know what my limits are, but do respect women who may decide this is o.k. for them. If a customer asks me if I escort (or whatever word they may use) I politely tell them that I don't . . . that it is not for me. The men really don't push me further. They might say something like, "you know, you could make a lot of money," but that's about it. I do not get offended. This is part of the business. If you can't handle men asking you this from time to time, then this job is probably not for you. Anyways, most of these guys come back and see me again even though they know I won't go any further. As far as my boyfriend getting jealous, I try to talk to him as much as possible about work. We have a good relationship and usually do not have any problems. He is very sex positive and was actually the person who introduced me to the industry. Anyways, you are probably more likely to cheat with a co-worker at your regular office job, than cheating with a customer who comes in for a peep show.

2) Also, I've been wondering if there is a difference between the people's
attitudes towards your occupation in cyberspace and in real life. I
mean, do you get the kind of admiration and affection your readers show in
real life, too?

Or - which would be my best guess - is admiration for your sex-positive
and open-mindedness something that can only flourish in cyberspace,
given the bizarre "oversexed but underfucked" mainstream culture in the
US, this weird combination of Mayflower and Viagra...

I have to admit that not many people in my real life know about my job or the site. My family is pretty closed minded about the sex industry. The people in my life that do know have given me very positive feedback, but nothing like I have received from cyberspace. I have been overwhelmed by the positive response . . . thank God for the internet.

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