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Monday, July 07, 2003

Last week, all the dancers and staff were given a copy of the new "Drug-Free Workplace Policy." We all are subject to this policy, which provides that we consent to searches of our lockers, wallets, purses, etc. as management feels necessary. In addition, we are obligated by this new policy to participate in drug testing based on "reasonable suspicion."

This is absolutely absurd. The dancers are not even employees and the language of this policy refers to employees. Not to mention the fact that a drug policy for dancers is absurd. I am against drug testing for the most part. I guess I can see the need for drug testing for pilots, doctors, police officers, or in other occupations where being under the influence of drugs could endanger someone's life . . . but a stripper. You've got to be fucking kidding me.

We are suppose to read this new policy and sign it. No fucking way!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ask them to show you their tax returns for the last 5 years and say i is equally as invasive.

-Stoner with a Boner
8:29 PM  
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