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Thursday, June 26, 2003


Heart of Gold

There are many women in the sex industry who have hearts of gold. I was fortunate enough to meet and work with a woman by the name of Whisper . . . well, that's her stage name anyways.

Whisper's last day at Fantasy was Monday. She hadn't been working there long, and I didn't get a chance to add her picture to the cast. She worked with Girl and I during the daytime.

She was older than Girl and I and seemed to mother us a little (in a good way). She would always bring us little snacks . . . grapes in little baggies, crackers, energy bars, party mix, etc. When she wasn't feeding us, she was bringing us books, software, vitamins . . . you name it. She was always thinking about us.

One week, I took a couple of days off of work to help out my mom and she called to make sure I was all right and to let me know that she missed me. When I came back to work the next week, she greeted me with a huge smile and hug and told me she was glad I was back.

Whisper had a great attitude and if one of us was feeling down, she was always there to cheer us up, or to make us laugh. One day, the manager came down really hard on Girl for not being ready on time (when she was . . . he was just being an arse). Girl got really upset and started to cry on stage. Whisper walked over to her and gently took Girl's face in her hands. Whisper turned Girl's face so she could see her own reflection in the mirror and said, "Look . . . look." Girl saw black tears streaming down her cheeks and started to laugh.

Whisper loved entertaining us with her music. She owned the whole set of cd's from the Time-Life 80's collection and she played them for us often, taking us back to the days of vans, A-smiles (sp?), izod, neon, heart and rainbow shoe-laces (heart and rainbow everything for that matter), etc.

Whisper also had an affinity for games. One day, she brought in Mad-Libs for us to play with. There happened to be a plumber working on the bathroom in the dressing room that day. He was a nice middle-aged guy who kept to himself. He probably thought we were freaks, listening to us play. We took turns asking each other for verbs, adjectives, nouns and our replys were always quite foul. We laughed and giggled like fourth graders, as the stories were read back.

Whisper also had a great rapport with the customers. She had a real "earth momma" presence. She was a larger, curvy girl with an ample bosom and wore little, if any, makeup. Even though she was older and larger than the "stereotypical" sexworker she was very confident in her sex appeal. If a customer snubbed her, she always came off with, "Well, I think I'm sexy . . . "

I always admired her for that.

Unfortunately, Whisper has back problems and was not able to withstand the long days in the confines of the dreaded booth. I wish her the best on her new endeavor.

And Whisper, if you read this, please know that you are missed tremendously. I am saddened everytime I walk on stage . . . past your empty booth.

Thank you . . . take care

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