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Friday, June 13, 2003

(Sexy Pics of Azar)

(Girl's Stuffed Animals . . . being naughty)


I worked with Azar the other night. During the course of the evening, she inquired if I had ever heard of Plushies. "Plushies," I repeated. "Yeah, Plushies," she said with a smile. She got out of her booth and handed me a fetish magazine, which she was reading and pointed to an article titled, "Plushies."

Hmmmm . . . I thought. There was a cartoon drawing of a girl with a strap on, straddling a stuffed animal. I started reading the article below. The article explained that Plushies are people who have a fetish for stuffed animals. Specifically, they like to have sexual relations with stuffed animals. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I thought it must have been a joke, but Azar confirmed that this was a real fetish, and was becoming quite popular. There are even websites and e-mail groups where people can find out information and talk about their fetish.

The article went on to say that these people find great comfort and pleasure in their relationship with stuffed animals. I agree that giving a nice soft teddy bear a tight squeeze feels good when your feeling bad, but didn't this stop when you were 13 (if not younger) and I admit, I did hump my pillow a couple of times when I was younger, but I just can't imagine a 40 something, balding man, having sex with a teddy bear. Plushies claim stuffed animals don't talk back, they don't complain, they don't lie, there always there for you, etc.

The article also gave instructions on how to alter stuffed animals to accommodate your sexual needs and provided tips on how to clean your stuffed animals after a romantic evening. Azar said there is a company that actually sells a special cleaner for Plushies.

What's the strangest fetish you've heard of?

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