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Monday, June 16, 2003

(Our lovely lockers)

Truth & Honesty

Syrenn finally came into work to clean out her locker. I was not there to say goodbye, but I heard she made quite an exit. She ripped her name off her locker and shredded it into many small pieces, which she threw about the room . . . all the while, saying, "Syrenn is dead, Syrenn is dead."

When her little ceremony was over, she gathered her things, exchanged numbers with some people, and left.

The girls at Fantasy (and probably most girls in the sex industry) are definitely multi-faceted and extremely interesting to work with.

For the first part of my adult life, I held a "normal" job. I worked for an insurance company for a while and eventually became an insurance adjuster (pretty funny . . . heh, heh). I handled the easy claims, i.e., first party (no liability), low exposure claims, as well as some PIP (Personal Injury Protection) claims. I found this job to be really interesting and challenging. However, I hated working PIP because the laws are so fucked up in Washington and the attorneys are assholes.

I eventually moved out of adjusting and transferred over to the corporate office in downtown Seattle, where I worked with senior management. I guess you would call this position Executive Assistant, or something along those lines. I found this work to be extremely boring and not very gratifying. The men I worked for had amazing egos, which required much attention. My desk was right outside the VP's office and he would often waste my time, calling me into his office to help him change his settings on his computer, or to show me his new web cam, or whatever new toy he had acquired

He often had other members of senior management in his office and I could overhear them talking about things they were going to buy (cars, houses, furniture, etc.), or trips they were going to take . . . blah, blah, blah. They would often all go to lunch together and walk by my desk in a big group. "We're going to lunch now . . . we'll be back in about an hour or so," my boss would say. They would all smile and wave goodbye as they filed by my desk.

My boss was nice enough and I got paid well. . . I just couldn't work with a bunch of good ole' boys, verbally snapping each other's asses like they were back in the high school gym locker room.

The other people in the office were nice too, but I always felt like they were trying to be something they weren't . . . trying to impress you.

I guess it was a nice surprise when I started working in the sex industry. It was the first time in my work experience that I actually felt people were being totally honest about themselves. I was surprised how vulnerable they allowed themselves to be.

They are so open and candid about their problems, disappointments, fears, shortcomings, etc. It is an environment in which you can be yourself and express yourself fully, and no one will judge you too harshly for it . . . well for the most part. Even strippers have their limits, but at least they are more likely to call you on it, instead of feeling bad about hurting your feelings.

I prefer truth and honesty and feel like it is somehow revealed here.

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