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Sunday, June 29, 2003

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Peep Show Music

At work, we listen to a wide range of music, depending on who is working. And to the person who asked if we listened to Madonna . . . no fucking way. (Well, unless it happens to be the "What the fuck are you doing?" remixes.)

There is a CD player/radio in the dressing room that we can use to listen to our music. I normally work with Girl during the days and Azar during the nights. Girl and I listen to pretty much the same type of music, which includes (but is not limited to) d&b, downtempo, jungle, etc.

Girl's favorite group is Depeche Mode. She has every CD they ever put out.

My favorite music to dance to would be anything by Massive Attack (except their new CD), Portishead, Kruder and Dorfmeister, and a new addition: London Elektricity.

I also bring in tape-recorded sessions of Expansions, which is a local radio show by DJ Kid Hopps. It airs every Saturday 9-12 p.m. and Sunday 8-11 p.m on KEXP. The show plays the latest in drum & bass.

Azar likes Industrial Goth (I think it's called), although she has some great 80's mixed tapes.

When we aren't listening to music, Girl and I will listen to NPR and in the evenings, I try to listen to Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. Clear Channel sucks!!

Recently, management hooked up speakers on stage so that we would have to listen and dance to the music they were playing out front. The music they play out front is just music off the radio and they change the station depending on who's working.

The other day, the dial was on some God awful 80's soft rock station. It was nothing but Brian Adams, Phil Collins, Journey, etc. all day. The last straw was when Azar had a stage show and The Beach Boys were playing. After the show was over, she walked over to the speaker and ripped the wire out. "That solves that," she said as she walked off stage.

The next day, the Den Mother (that's what we call our new manager - an x-dancer who is 57) came in and asked why the music wasn't playing on stage. She walked over to the speaker and saw that someone pulled the wire out of the speaker. She got really upset and said, "Who the fuck has been messing with the speaker?" Everyone looked surprised and we all told her that we didn't know what happened. She put the wire back in and the music resumed . . . well, for a time being it did.

A couple days went by and the wire mysteriously came out again. So far, no one has said anything.

At The Lusty Lady, the girls could take turns picking out songs for the "jukebox". However, there only seemed to be about two girls that ever volunteered. There was also a box in the dressing room where you could submit song requests.

The jukebox played continuously for about six hours without repeating. The types of music ranged from songs by Patsy Cline to songs by Marilyn Manson. There were some songs that made there way onto every Jukebox. One of these songs was "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones.

The jukebox was changed once a week and it was a long week if the music sucked.

What song, or what type of music would you like to dance naked to?

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