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Thursday, June 12, 2003

(Letter from Dezyre to girls)

(Response from Mgmt)

Mirror, Mirror

Dancers at Fantasy often communicate with each other via letters taped up on dressing room mirrors. The letters are usually about someone losing something, or accusing someone of stealing.

At The Lusty Lady, where there were about 50 girls working, there were always letters plastered on the mirrors. The letters there were not so much about items lost or stolen (although there were those, too), but were more along the lines of, "Hey, I want to go to Burning Man . . . can I hitch a ride with someone." The girls there always had something going on the side. Some girls had bands, others were artists (actors, painters, photographers, fashion designers, etc) and they would often post notes to invite everyone to their show.

I remember one dancer who was throwing a party to celebrate menstruation.

One time, there were several girls who came down with this nasty yeast infection. I was lucky enough to have escaped this. Many of the girls went to the clinic for this and posted notes on the mirror sharing the information their doctor gave them, along with suggestions on how to avoid getting it.

I miss the notes at the Lusty.

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