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Monday, June 02, 2003

(Girl in PVC)

Red Rocket, Red Rocket

I have a friend that once told me that when she was younger, her and her brother would say, "red rocket, red rocket", when their dog's penis came out. I never had a name for my dog's penis, but I always was repulsed when it showed its ugly head.

I've never been interested or understood beastiality. I don't even know if I spelled it right.

The other day, Girl had a show with a guy who seemed fairly normal throughout their show. However, at the very end, he asked her if she had ever had a dog dick in her. The question seemed to come out of nowhere. Girl has a pretty good sense of humor, so she went along with this and told the guy that she used to get in out with her female dog . . . just some oral and rubbing stuff. He seemed really excited about this.

I was surprised when she told me about this customer because I have never had anyone come to me with this fantasy in the three years I have worked in the sex industry. I have had people try to talk to me about other disgusting things like skat, golden showers, children, rape, etc . . . but never beastiality. I wondered how common this fantasy was and whether or not people were just too afraid, or ashamed to talk about it. . . even with a sex worker.

One girl I work with (I'm not mentioning names) confided in me that when she was young, she use to sneak milk into her bedroom and would put the milk on her pussy so that her cat would lick it off. She went on to say that she quit doing this one day when her cat bit one of her pussy lips hard.

Another girl that was working with us that day, chimed in that she had a fantasy to do it with one of those trained sex dogs. I didn't even know there were such dogs. Unfortunately, I did not have any first hand stories to share. I did, however, have a friend who told me that when she was young, her babysitter let her dog lick her down there.

I was watching a porn the other day with my boyfriend and there was a question and answer section. During the questioning, this woman was asked what was the darkest fantasy she ever got off on. She responded that her darkest fantasy would be to let a dog fuck her.

I personally, have never fantasized about this. Out of morbid curiousity, I have checked out a couple of beastiality sites. I was surprised to find that people actually have sex with fish. I've never been one to judge other people's sexual fantasies . . . as long as they are not harming themselves, or others. Although, I guess there's the argument that beastiality is animal abuse . . . but then, there will be those people who swear the animals are enjoying themselves.

So what is the darkest fantasy that you have gotten off on???

A Seattle peep-show girl shares stories of her customers and adventures stemming from her bare-it-all behavior.

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