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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Fantasy Boys

At Fantasy, there are clerks that run the front desk and janitors that clean the booths, theatre, dressing room, and bathrooms. The clerk and janitors are all guys and most of them are youger . . . in their twenties.

I don't like to generalize, but the guys that are drawn to these jobs seem to be artists, anarchists, computer geeks (the hacker types vs. microsoft), punk rockers, and goths. They often wear all black and have multiple tats and piercings.

Unlike the dancers, the clerks and janitors are actual employees of Fantasy.

We seem to have a love/hate relationship with the clerks/janitors. I'm not sure if they resent us somehow , , , either because we make more money, or because they have to clean up after us and our customers. I suppose some of them get tired of dealing with the flaky dancers who don't show up for work or come in late. I sometimes wonder how they feel about us . . . if they think what we do has some redeeming quality, or if they think we are damaged goods.

At first, I thought the guys working at Fantasy might have chosen the job because they were sex positive and thought it would be a positive experience. Now that I've worked here for a while, I think it's more like they're working here because they have too many tattoos and piercings and this place tolerates their appearance.

The job is also fairly easy . . . as long as you do not have a strong aversion to cum, in addition to other bodily fluids. Well . . . and then there's the occasional freaky customer that you have to deal with or kick out and I don't think the job pays that well. So . . . maybe the job has some drawbacks, but you get to watch porn while you sit at the front desk.

There is a television monitor that sits on a shelf below the desk, which is out of the customers' view. There is also a camera on stage so when we are doing a show for a customer, the guys at the counter can watch us on the monitor if they want to. Fortunately for us, the picture is in black and white and you can't see much.

The guys also come back to the dressing room once in a while during their break to hang out and talk. Most of them smoke, too, and the dancers and staff are constantly bumming cigarettes and lighters off each other. Some girls walk around half naked, if not totally naked, in front of the guys in the dressing room. Most of the guys seem a little desensitized, or act like they don't care. There are those times though, when a girl is looking particularily hot, and they can't hide that they're turned on. They usually end up walking away quickly.

Relationships between the staff and dancers are strongly discouraged at Fantasy. Sometimes there is sexual tension between staff and dancers and sometimes there's flirting or joking around, but no one dates.

A while back, one dancer confided in me that she and one of the clerks fucked on the counter in the dressing room bathroom. I also heard a story about two dancers who went out after work to meet their boyfriends. Later that evening, or should I say early the next morning, they all (including the two guys) came back to Fantasy and snuck back into the dressing room. They had been drinking and were feeling a little frisky. They all went on stage (at this hour, the peep show is closed), took their clothes off and started fucking. I guess the clerk working at the time, saw them all on the monitor and started watching them. When they were done, the guys left the stage, while the girls put their clothes back on. The clerk walked into one of the booths on stage and put his face to the tip slot on stage and told one of the girls that he could smell her. They got freaked out and left. No one ever found out about this.

Sometimes I feel bad for the things the clerks and janitors have to put up with. The other day, I was walking up to the front desk when I saw that there was a man and woman up there and they seemed to be having an argument. I decided to act like I was getting a drink from the water fountain so I could listen in on them. The woman told the clerk that the guy standing next to her owed her $20.00. The clerk looked puzzled. "Yeah, he stole $20.00 from me," she went on.

"You stole $20.00 from her?" the clerk asked the man.

"I don't know what she's talking about," the man responded.

The woman went on to say that she went into the video booth with the man and performed a particular service and that the man did not pay her the $20.00. I could tell the clerk could not believe what he was hearing. He told them both that they needed to leave right now . . . that what they did was totally illegal. The woman kept insisting that the guy pay her. The clerk stood up and pointed to the stairs and said, "You both need to leave right now before I call the police and don't ever come back here again."

They finally left.

I also feel sorry for the janitors because of the things they have to clean up . . . as well as the things they find. They often find carrots (in addition to other vegetables), used underwear, adult toys, etc. in the booths.

At least they have plenty of interesting stories to tell.

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