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Tuesday, June 10, 2003



This is Dezyre. There are a couple of girls on the cast that I have not written much about. This is because I usually only work with Azar and Girl. Once in a while, Dezyre picks up extra shifts here and there so I am lucky enough to work with her.

Unfortunately, Dezyre is the only girl of color working at Fantasy right now. Well . . . I take that back. Azar is part Middle Eastern. Azar, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Dezyre is a very beautiful girl. She has been in the sex industry for a while now and I sense that it is getting to her a bit. She complains that she doesn't make as much as the white girls. She does not put up with much from the customers, and lets them now when they've gone too far. She has a bit of a temper and when a customer is being an ass on stage, you can hear her say, "Hey motherfucker . . . you think we like to show our ass up in here for free?" She is definitely someone you don't want to fuck with.

She also gets irritated with all the black men that snub her and get a show with a white girl or the guys on stage that ask her if there are any white girls working. I hate when this happens. I understand if a guy has a preference as far as race, but some guys can be really rude about it. I don't always know how to talk to Dezyre about this. Being white, I have never been subjected to this. I've had people snub me because of my breast size, but not because of my race. I wish I knew the right things to say. I always reiterate how beautiful she is and not to let the guys get to
her . . . that they are not always tactful in their response. I always feel like I sound lame and insincere.

I have always been attracted to exotic women, myself. The darker . . . the better.

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