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Monday, June 30, 2003

(Abstract Destiny)


(Destiny being silly on stage)


There have been a chain of girls who have left Fantasy lately and I am sorry to say that Destiny has joined them.

I'm not sure of the reason . . . I just know that she wont be back.

Destiny worked for Fantasy off and on her entire adult life, which spanned an entire 5 years (18 - 23). She was a joy to work with.

Destiny is one of those girls that has so much going for her, but doesn't realize it, or doesn't care. It was frustrating working with her at times. She's so smart, talented, beautiful . . . but so unmotivated. I often fantasized about what I would do if I were her. She stands close to 6 feet tall and has a face of an angel. Many people have told her she could be a model or actress, but she has no interest.

Destiny does have an interest in music and used to bring in a mini musical keyboard. She would write songs in her booth and would try to compose music to accompany the words. She also liked to sing and would often ask me to listen to her and to provide her with constructive criticism. She had talent, but lacked discipline.

Everyone loved working with Destiny. She was extremely entertaining and she would do things that would make your sides hurt. On stage, she was especially silly. She danced with curlers in her hair, wore bizarre outfits, and moved around the stage in a sporadic and clumsey manner. She was rarely serious.

She often acted like an airhead with the customers. One time, Destiny was doing a show for some Asian men on stage. She turned around, pointing her ass in their faces, and said, "Do you want to see my ass talk?" She proceeded to move her ass cheeks with her hands as the Asian men looked on in horror. All the while, we were trying not to laugh . . . in utter disbelief.

I sometimes wondered what the customers thought of Destiny . . . if she scared them off, or if they found her entertaining on some level.

Destiny also pushed the limits in other ways. She had a love/hate relationship with Fantasy and thought they ripped us off. She found a way to roll up the curtain manually in the last booth. When management left (usually later in the evening) she would have the customer put all the money in the tip slot vs. the machine, and would roll up the curtain herself. The other girls didn't like this idea and thought we would all get in trouble so Destiny eventually quit doing it.

Towards the end, Destiny didn't come to work very much. She would show up here and there, but not very often. Eventually, I think she might have been termed.

Hopefully, she's off doing bigger and better things . . . pursuing some of her dreams.

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