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Thursday, May 15, 2003

(This is Azar ... hubba hubba)

The Kiss

It was Thursday night and I was working with Azar. A guy walked past me and went into Azar's booth. I thought he looked familiar, but didn't pay much attention. After their show was over, he came into my booth. I peeked through the crack in the shade and saw that it was a guy that I'd done shows with in the past. I wouldn't call him a regular, but I've seen him at least a couple of times before. He put his money in and the shade started going up.

"Hi . . . I thought I recognized you," I said. He smiled and said, "Yeah, you look good." I thanked him and asked if he enjoyed the show with my girlfriend. He smiled and shook his head, yes. I think he might have been a little embarassed that I asked. Some guys try to be sneaky if they've had a show with another girl and are now coming to you. It's also kind of a slam (or at least it feels like one) when they go to another girl after doing a show with you. He told me that he enjoyed the show with Azar and thought she was really hot.

He started asking me questions about two girl shows and if me and Azar had ever done one before. Me and Azar had done one other two girl show, but it was a little awkward. It was her first day at the peep show and she barely knew me . . . when someone wanted a two girl show. We went ahead and did it, but we were both pretty nervous and I'm sure the customer picked up on it. She didn't really touch me much. I think she undressed me and I undressed her, but I did most of the touching after that.

I told him that we had done two girl shows before and I thought she was very sexy. "Really," he said. He wanted to know if I would do a two girl show with Azar for him. I told him that I would love to, but would have to ask her first. I jumped out of the booth and told Azar that the customer she just had was in my booth now and wanted a two girl show with us. She smiled back at me. I asked if she would be interested. "Sure," she said.

We both jumped into my booth and told him how the two girl show works and how much it costs. He told us he had to vist the ATM real quick, but would be right back. We get the "I want to get a show . . . but, I need to go to the ATM first" line all the time. Most of the guys never come back. After a while, you get good at telling which guys are serious and which ones aren't. I knew he would be back.

Azar and I get along really well, but we were still nervous about the show. What if he wanted us to go down on each other? We jumped out of the booth real quick and shared part of a J to relax a little. She handed me a breath mint and popped another in her mouth. "Thanks," I slapped her ass as she climbed back into the booth. I got in behind her and we waited for the customer.

She told me how her and Angel (another dancer) faked going down on each other during a show last week. I know a lot of girls fake two girl shows. She was explaining the technique they used when the customer came back into the booth. He seemed real excited about the show. I closed the shade to the hallway, while he put the money in the machine. As the shade went up, I started feeling a little bit of stage fright coming on. He stood there, smiling. All attention was on us and at that moment, I truly felt like a performance artist, which is what my business license says.

We started by undressing each other slowly . . . hands wandering over each other's naked bodies. Her skin felt so soft and silky. We sat back on our knees facing each other, wondering what we should do next. We both have had experiences with other women, but consider ourselves pretty straight. Well, me . . . maybe some bi-leanings, but definitely not a well-seasoned lesbian. I felt more like a junior high boy playing "five minutes in the closet" with a pretty girl. I think women are very beautiful and I like to look at them . . . all of them. I even fantasize about being with them, sometimes. They really intimidate me, however, and I realize how vulnerable men really are.

The customer finally broke the silence with, "I think it's really sexy to watch two girls kiss." I must concur . . . I thought to myself. I've messed around with girls before, but I've never kissed a girl on the lips . . . I mean full on the mouth with tongues exchanging. The kind of kiss that makes you tingle down there. I was a little excited about this possibility. My only apprehension was that I was wearing bright red lipstick, topped off with a nice thick coat of shiny gloss. I was worried I would cover her milky white skin with it.

She told me that she didn't care and started moving towards me. I moved towards her, too, until I was able to feel her breath on my face. I stretched out my tongue and offered it to her. Her eyes went soft and she took my tongue in her mouth. Feeling her full lips and tongue against mine made me feel dizzy and I pressed my mouth more firmly on her's as I was turned on and I wanted her to know this. I heard the guy in the booth moan. It suprised me a little as I had forgotten where I was for a moment. I resented him for bringing me back.

He told us we looked very sexy kissing and that we could just do that if we wanted. We were enjoying ourselves so we continued. Our hands made their way to each other's breasts. Her breasts felt so soft and full in my hands. My fingers made their way to her nipples and I started rolling them gently in a rythmic motion. I started kissing and licking her neck. I moved downwards until my tongue was now resting on her nipple. I then flicked lightly until her nipple got hard against my tongue. I felt my pussy get wet. I heard Azar sigh and the customer gasped loudly in the background.

I sat up just in time to see the customer come all over the window. He closed his eyes and his whole body relaxed. "Thank you very much . . . that was great," he said, while cleaning himself up. We told him we had a great time, too and he left . . . smiling.

After he left, we both jumped out of the booth and freshened up. Azar's face seemed to make it out without too much damage. However, I looked at her breasts in the light and started laughing. Her areola, which was once a nice pink color, was now smeared red.

While she wiped off her breast, she asked me if I felt weird. "Of course not," I said. "Do you?" I asked. "No . . . it was fun," she smiled.

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