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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Plastic Shower Curtain

It was about 1:30 a.m. and I was working with Azar. Azar is a very exotic Persian girl with long black hair and ivory skin. She has that Bette Page/Pin-up Girl look. She recently moved to Seattle from San Francisco where she danced in several strip clubs.

It was pretty slow and we were trying to amuse ourselves by prank calling the guys working downstairs in the retail part of the establishment. Her cell phone number doesn't come up so we couldn't resist revisiting our childhood for a while. The store carries a variety of items from sexy BDSM gear and lingerie to porn videos and sex toys. Unlike the peepshow upstairs, which closes at 2:00 a.m., the retail store is open 24 hours a day.

Anyways....a customer walked by and we snapped to attention, remembering where we were. We were sitting on the main stage together so we both jumped in our perspective booths. The customer came into my booth and inquired about the shows. I peeked through the crack as I didn't get a good look as he came down the hallway. He was a shorter gentlemen with thick coke bottle glasses and had dark, greasy, unkept hair. I recited the prices and explained the shows: $20.00 for full nudity; $40.00 for masterbation; $60.00 for toys. All shows are 10 minutes.

He asked if I had any black "plastic " clothing. I smiled and described my PVC wardrobe which is quite extensive. I even jumped out of my booth and grabbed a couple of things that I thought he would like. However, he looked disappointed and asked, "do you happen to have a plastic shower curtain back there?" I had to stiffle my laughter, but couldn't hold back a smile. "Seriously," I replied. "Yeah," he said. "I like to see women wrapped in plastic." My reaction went from giddy to serious apprehension. I wondered if this guy was some sort of serial killer.

There have been times when I questioned whether or not I was comfortable doing a particular show. I don't do shows involving talk about children or violence against women. I worked in a dungeon for a while and have been exposed to an array of fantasies/fetishes. I know there are a wide variety of plastic, PVC, seran wrap fantasies that are harmless. Some of these include mummification, which I have witnessed first hand. Some customers just like the sound the plastic makes. I had a feeling this was more in line of what he was talking about so I decided to do the show.

I told him I didn't have a shower curtain, but I would see what I could do. My mind raced and I scanned items that might work. I jumped out of the booth and grabbed some garbage bags out of the supply closet. One was black and the other clear. Azar gave me a puzzled looked as I jumped back into the booth. I told the customer what I had and he seemed satisfied.

He put the money in the machine. I stripped out of my clothes as the window went up. I held the black plastic bag over my naked body, feeling a little silly. He asked if I could make a dress out of the bag. By this time, the creative juices were flowing so I felt up to the challenge. I decided on a simple strapless wrap-around dress which gathered on the side and tied in a knot. It was actually kind of cute.

He then asked me to lay on my back and to take the clear plastic bag and put it over my naked pussy, which I did. He scrunched his forehead in disapprovement. "Can you rip the bag so there is only one layer?" he asked. "Sure," I replied. I ripped the bag until it was one thin piece of plastic and replaced it over my pussy. "Much better," he smiled. "Now can you stretch the plastic tight over your pussy?" he went on. I pulled the plastic tight and used the other hand to smooth out the wrinkles. I was suprised how nice and silky the plastic felt on my bare pussy. I wasn't turned on due to the nature of the show, but I thought I might have to experiment with this later. He asked if I would rub my pussy through the plastic. He said he liked the sound it made. The plastic started getting really warm and I started to get a little wet from the new sensation I was experiencing. I was hoping he didn't notice, but the plastic started sticking a little to the wetness.

The customer bent down with his nose practically pressed against the glass. He asked if I could move closer to the window. Still on my back, I scooted forward and got my pussy as close as I could. His eyes locked on my pussy like it was a target. There was no distracting him at this point. He started stroking his cock extremely fast and came within seconds. He flipped his cock to remove the dribbling cum off the tip before he put it back into his pants.

He thanked me very much for the show and tipped me an additional $40.00 for the trouble he said he put me through. Before he left he added, "If you get a plastic shower curtain, I'll be back."

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