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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Panties for Sale

I just got through shaving my legs, armpits and pussy for work. My skin was really dry so I rubbed lotion all over my body. It feels nice and smooth now. My boyfriend came home for lunch and fucked me really good this afternoon . It reminded me of a time when a regular asked if I would fuck my boyfriend right before I came to work. He said he wanted to see the cum coming out of my pussy and would pay me extra for this. He told me he would come in to see me the next day if I could arrange it.

I thought this was really naughty ... but I decided to do it anyways. I didn't tell my boyfriend about this request. I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to get him to fuck me the next day before he left for work.

The next morning, I almost blew it. I was really tired and fell back to sleep after his alarm went off. I woke up just in time ... as he was making his way towards the front door to leave. "Wait," I said. He spun around real quick as my voice startled him. "Oh, you're awake," he smiled.

"I was hoping you would fuck me before you went to work." I said. I pulled the covers away from my naked body to entice him. A huge smile spread across his face and he started to undo himself as he walked over to the bed.

He climbed on top of me and pinned down my arms above my head. He fucked me real good that way for a while and then turned me over onto my stomach. He lifted my hips a little to get the right angle and then stuck his cock back inside me. His movements quickened and the bed began to bang against the wall loudly. I wondered if the neighbors could hear. I bit down hard on the pillow to stifle my sounds. I felt my boyfriend's body tighten and then relax. He kissed me a little on the neck and then got up. "I hate to run, but I'm late," he smiled. His face had a healthy glow. "I'm sorry I made you late," I said. He gave me a look to suggest I was crazy to apologize and left, blowing me a kiss. I got out of bed and started to get ready for work.

I got to work and Girl was already there. I heard her talking to someone in the hallway. "Oh, she's here now," she said. I looked through the glass in one of the booths and saw that the customer was already there, waiting for me in the hallway.

I got into the booth with my street clothes on. He put the money into the machine and I closed the curtain to the hallway, while his curtain went up. I could tell that he was bursting with anticipation.

"So did you guys do it?" he beamed.

"Yeah, we did," I said.

"Was it a lot?" he said as he swallowed.

"He had a huge orgasm and a lot came out," I smiled.

"Did it all come out of your pussy?" he asked worryingly.

"Oh no, there's still some in there. Do you want to see?" I teased.

"Oh, yes," he replied.

I started taking my clothes off slowly . . . teasing him. I left my underwear on for a while. I told him that they were all wet and started rubbing myself through them. I laid on my back and spread my legs. I pulled up on the sides of my underwear tightly so that he could see the lips of my pussy outside of my panties. He started to rub the front of his jeans. I watched as his cock began to rise and harden. I moved my panties to one side so that he could see my bare pussy. I spread my lips and touched the wetness coming out of me. I brought my finger to my mouth and tasted myself.

"How does it taste?" he asked.

"It tastes really good," I said, smiling.

"I wish I could taste you," he replied.

He undid his jeans and took his cock out. It looked really big in his hands. He started stroking it and asked if I would move closer to the window. He wanted to see if there was any cum coming out of my pussy. I moved closer, but there didn't seem to be much cum. The wetness was mostly from me now. I took off my underwear entirely and held them up to my face. I took in a deep breath and could smell the cum on them. I told the customer that the cum was mostly on my panties now.

He asked if I could squat for a moment, thinking that maybe some more was up there and would come out if I sat like that for a moment. I tried this, but nothing happened. I even bounced up and down for a moment . . . still nothing. I got on all fours and pushed, but absolutely nothing was coming out. He finally asked if he could buy my panties off me for $40.00. The idea of my panties having cum and my wetness on them really turned him on. I had no affinity towards them, so I agreed.

By this time, the show was almost over. The customer was really excited about the panties and came pretty quick. He cleaned himself up and I gave him my panties through the tip slot on stage.

After the show, I felt a little guilty about not telling my boyfriend what I was up to earlier that day. When I went home that night, I told him what happened. I thought he might be grossed out, but he wasn't. He smiled and asked me when he was going to get his half ($20.00) for his part.


I work with Azar tonight ... yummy. If you are in the Seattle area, cum and see us!!!

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