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Monday, May 05, 2003

Back for More

Today was extremely slow. I sat in the booth and listened to the rain pound down on the ceiling above. This is one of the little extras about this job that I love . . . listening to the rain. I'm not sure what type of roof the building has, but the rain sounds so loud. Rain is usually good for business too. I started painting my toenails "Cherry Red." There are certain laws that apply in the sex industry. For example . . . if you start painting your nails, order food, or start reading a really good book, a customer is sure to want a show. So sure enough, I've only painted three toes on my right foot and a customer ducks into my booth without me seeing him.

I peek through the crack in the shade and see that it is one of my regulars. If you have read my previous story, "2 Girls, 3 Guys, 1 Show," he is the guy that masturbated and came all over the bathroom floor. Anyways . . . he put the money into the machine and I lowered the shade to the hallway. His curtain went up and he greeted me with a huge smile. I don't think I mentioned it in the previous story, but this customer kind of looks like David Copperfield and says he owns a software developing company.

I told him I was very happy to see him again. He told me that he was so turned on by seeing me through the crack in the shade last time and that he has masturbated several times since then thinking about it. He asked me politely if I would be willing to crack the shade again. I agreed, but thought to myself, what the fuck did I start? Is this a common fantasy guys would gladly partake in if given the chance? I imagined creating this vicious cycle . . . men walking down the hallway, seeing me through the crack and thinking wow, I want a voyeur show, too. However, this did not come to fruition as there were no customers walking by.

The conversation changed and the customer started telling me stories of crazy things that went on here a long time ago. Things were a lot different at that time . . . different management, I guess. He told me the girls working then were wilder and would bring customers back into the dressing room to fuck them, or some would go into the theater or video booths to give a customer a quick hand or blow job. There were also makeshift glory holes in some of the booths and the customers would suck and fuck each other this way. I later confirmed these stories with another dancer who had worked back then. She said the video booths were on the other side of the dressing room at that time and when the guys were going at it, you could hear them moaning through the walls. The walls were really thin and during an exceptionally passionate exchange, you could actually feel pounding against the wall. Sometimes a dancer would knock back against the wall and yell, "Shut the fuck up!"

The customer went on to say that he had his first experience with another guy back then. He was in the theater (we also have an adult theater on-site open 24 hours) watching straight porn. He started masturbating and noticed that another guy was watching him. The other guy started rubbing his cock through his jeans and eventually got out of his seat and moved right next to him. The stranger was attractive, clean cut and had a nice build. The stranger asked him if he wanted a blow job. The customer told me he had never been with another guy before, but for some reason, he said yes.

The stranger knelt down in front of him and took his hard cock in his mouth. He said it felt so good that he gave into any apprehensions he might of had. He moved down in his chair a little and tried to position his jacket to conceal what was going on. He took comfort in the fact that there was a woman moaning loudly on screen. If he were to let out a moan or gasp, it would be masked for sure. The customer did not hold back and came rather quickly as he was nervous. He was suprised the stranger took his cum in his mouth and seemed to swallow it. The stranger stood up, thanked him, and left the theater. The customer said he sat in the theater for a while, gathering his thoughts and eventually got up and left, too.

The customer almost seemed nostalgic telling me the story. I looked down at his cock and it was rock hard. There was pre-cum glistening on the tip. I told him I would have enjoyed watching him get his first blow job. He said he might have to pick up some guy in the theater and bring him into the booth for a show sometime. He really liked this idea so we talked about how it would happen and what would go on during the show. I told him I would be masturbating the whole time while they got it on in the booth. The customer was really getting worked up thinking about this and came before his time was up.

We exchanged some small talk while he cleaned up. I closed the shade to the hallway and then he left, blowing me a kiss goodbye. I smiled back, wondering if this little fantasy might come true someday.

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