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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

2 Girls, 3 Guys, 1 Show

Today was interesting to say the least. I arrived at work a little early . . . around 9:30 a.m. No one was in the dressing room so I quickly picked my booth and started to get ready. I was still in my street attire when a customer walked by and wanted a show.

I hopped in the booth.

The customer presented himself as your average 40-year old businessman. He was attractive and well-groomed. He put in a 20 and the show started.

I apologized for my disheveled appearance explaining that I just arrived . . . he seemed to like the "just came off the street" look. I started to undress and he was very complimentary. He told me that he was a voyeur and asked if I would open the booth door which led to the dressing room. I agreed since no one was around.

However, within a couple of minutes two other girls arrived which really caught his attention. One of the girls was new and I didn't know her. The other girl I worked with frequently. Her name is "Girl" and she poked her head into my booth to see what was going on. He was very excited and wanted her to join me. She hopped in with her street clothes on.

I explained to her that he was a voyeur. He went on to tell us that one of his fantasies was to watch his wife get fucked by a bunch of guys. He wanted me to lift the curtain so the guys walking down the hall could see me in the booth while I was doing the show. I agreed to crack it a little, thinking that if management complained . . . I could just say I didn't realize I hadn't closed it all the way.

Girl had to get ready so she jumped back out of the booth. He kept putting money into the machine and continuted to talk about his fantasies. He got a call on his cell phone which he took. He held the phone to his ear while he masturbated, staring at me. The call appeared to be business related and he held the conversation like that for a couple minutes. When he hung up, he asked me if I thought it was bad that he took the call and "wouldn't that person be shocked if he knew where he was at." I acted amused.

A regular customer came down the hall and looked in on me. He was a little confused as to what was going on. He finally figured it out and was quite turned on. He stood in front of the window for a while touching himself through his pants. He then went into the bathroom which is right across from my booth. He could still see me from there. He put one hand down the front of his pants and began massaging his balls through his pants with his other hand. I still had my panties on, but I moved them to one side so he could see me The guy in my booth was getting really excited too once he realized what I was doing. He started coaching me, telling me to "work it." The guy in the bathroom couldn't hold back any longer.

He had on buttonfly jeans and undid them in one continuous motion. He pulled out his cock and began stroking it. Within 30 seconds, he came with a jerk all over the bathroom floor. I relayed what I just saw to the guy in the booth - not leaving out any details. The guy in the booth continued to talk about watching his wife getting fucked. He finally ran out of money after dropping about $150.00.

He said he had a meeting to go to, but because he was having so much fun--he might blow it off. He told me he would be back and he left.

I got out of the booth to put my makeup on and to get ready. He came back in about ten minutes. I jumped back in the booth and he put more money in. He told me that he decided not to attend his meeting.

Again, he wanted me to keep the window open a little. He also wanted Girl to sit in the booth with me. I told him he had to tip her and he agreed. She joined us and we told him we were girlfriends and we got it on at work and outside of work. I undressed her and knelt behind her, cupping her breasts in my hands. I licked and kissed her neck. She giggled nervously. She then undressed me and we laid on our backs facing him in the booth.

We put our hand on the top of each other's pussy and rubbed in a circular motion. He seemed to enjoy it, but was fidgety at the same time. He seemed more interested in the guys walking by, hoping someone would look in on us. Unfortunately for him, no one was coming by.

He told Girl he would tip her if she went out into the hallway and try to lure some guys in front of the window. She reluctantly agreed. Normally we do not accomodate such demands, but he was dropping a lot of money and business was slow. By this time, he had spent over $200.00. Girl lured one guy to the window and he crouched down to look in on me. I felt pretty silly. The guy in the booth wanted me to tell the guy in the hallway that I was doing a show for my boyfriend and that he likes guys watching me. He told me he was going to pay for the guy in the hallway to watch me, while he stood in the bathroom watching me through the crack.

I started to worry a little that this guy was going to get me in trouble. I mean . . . I had the window cracked and customers could see me naked, Girl was running around half naked trying to get more customers to stand in front of my window, a customer masturbated in plain view and came all over the bathroom floor watching me, and now this guy was paying for other customers to get a show with me while he watched from the bathroom. I knew he was paying me pretty well to go along with this little fantasy of his and I was sure he would be running out of money soon so I took the chance. He went out and told the guy in the hallway that he would pay for him to watch me. The guy in the hallway jumped into the booth while the other guy went into the bathroom to watch.

I told the guy now in the booth that the other customer was a little strange, but I hoped he would enjoy the show. He didn't say much, but smiled a lot. He masturbated a little, but was pretty shy. He had never been to a peep show before. I looked over at the other customer in the bathroom. He was beaming and nodding his head at me. He also had his cock out of his nicely tailored slacks. Although his cock seemed a little placid. I wondered if he had been doing coke. I have seen the effects of coke many times during shows. The customers usually end up telling me they partied a little too much as they don't want me to think they can't get it up or come.

The show finally ended and the customer came right at the end. He told me thanks . . . that he had a great time. The other guy came back into the booth shortly thereafter and put more money into the machine. He wanted to know all the juicy details of what happened during the show. I made up some stuff and he hung onto every word. I told him that the other guy wanted to fuck me real hard while he watched. I told him that the other guy had a huge orgasm and came all over the window and it was still there, dripping down now. The guy looked at the window and smiled.

"Wow, you must feel powerful," he said. "You made two guys come."

Powerful . . . I'm not sure about that, I thought to myself. I've never been grossed out by watching guys masturbate or come. Quite the contrary, in fact. I feel great about helping people feel better and I'm convinced that's what happens here 98% of the time. Anyways, I just smiled back at the customer and told him it felt good to help two guys have an orgasm. At that point, his time ran out and the curtain began to fall. I could see him going through his wallet and then through his pockets. He started to panic a little. "I can't believe, I spent all my money," he said. He went through his wallet and pockets a second time. "I'm sorry," I said. " I had a great time with you . . . But I wanted to come," he sulked. He asked if I could give him back some of the money he gave me so he could get more time and come. I peeked at him through the crack in the shade not believing what he was asking. His face was all scrunched up like a little kid who is throwing a fit. I said I was sorry, but I didn't have [to be continued]

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